The Red Barn Cyclocross Classic is one of Minnesota's premier cyclocross events and a rider favorite. The course twists and turns through the tree fields of Erickson Brothers Tree Farm and includes a run-up you won't forget.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

CRY 07 Kicks off!

The 2007 MN Cyclocross Rider of the Year series kicked off this weekend with two great events, the Red River CX Challenge in Moorhead, MN and the Porkchop Challenge in St. Cloud, MN.

In Moorhead: Aric Hareland held off Dan Swanson and Pat Lemieux for 1st place honors in the A race with Steve Wenzel and Greg Rohde taking the Men's B and C races respectively. In the women's fields, Linda Cooper beat out Margot Herman and Casey Cessna in the B race and Marilyn Laliberte took honors in the C race. For complete results and photos coming soon, check out: Great Plains Cycling

SkinnySki was in St. Cloud and as always they have some great photos on their site. I've copied their race report here:
"Minnesota's cyclocross season fired up this weekend with events in Moorhead and St. Cloud. The Porkchop Challenge at Riverside Park Sunday experienced conditions more like mid-July than September as afternoon temperatures climbed into the 80s. All three events had strong numbers, emphasizing the growing popularity of cyclocross in the Midwest. Pre-race favorites Aric Hareland and Doug Swanson put on an early showcase, easily leading the field for the first few laps before mechanicals opened the door for veteran Dewey Dickey to take the A race victory. Linda Cooper won the top womens race, pulling away from Linda Sone and the tired legs of Chequamegon champ Jenna Zander."
Be sure to check out for more event photos and great coverage of events in the Minnesota!

The final work on the Red Barn course addition was completed this weekend and awaits test riding. We'll post some photos if possible before the race. In either case, we're geared up and ready to go!