The Red Barn Cyclocross Classic is one of Minnesota's premier cyclocross events and a rider favorite. The course twists and turns through the tree fields of Erickson Brothers Tree Farm and includes a run-up you won't forget.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Record Day at Red Barn

The 3rd annual Red Barn CX Classic smashed its participant record with 163 racers competing in yesterday's events. We couldn't have asked for a better day and the racing was intense. Big thanks to all the volunteers and our sponsors; County Cycles, Erickson Brothers Tree Farm, Hammer Nutrition, and Wild Mountain for making this race possible!

C Race Recap
Jake Helmbrecht (ua) took the C race with Greg Lavick (WUSH) and Aaron Kadera (Gopher wheelmen) rounding out the top 3 on the men's side. In the womens race, Amy Campbell (ua) took top honors with Lee Penn (Gopher wheelmen) and June Sayers (Lake Superior) taking 2nd and 3rd respectively. We also had some fantastic junior competition with Raymon Warns-Ledesma (MNJRC) winning the C3 category (juniors 15-18) and also taking 11th overall. He was followed by Zach Stillwell (ua) and Nora Bengel (ua). In the C4 category (juniors 10-14) Jordan Cullen (Loon State) took the victory with Adam Kay (Riverbrook Momentum) and Ryan Kay (Riverbrook Momentum) taking 2nd and 3rd.

B Race Recap
In the B race Guy Alvarez (Crossniacs) eventually broke away from a tough battle with 2nd place finisher Peter Nelson (Brones). These two were neck and neck for the first part until Guy rode away. Chris Neulin (Team Weston) rounded out the top 3. In the women's race Linda Sone (Ridley Factory) took the win while in costume! She was closely followed by Margot Herman (Hollywood Cycles) and Casey Cessna (IS Corp) to round out the top three. In the masters (B2) race, Bill Kuster (Loon State) took the victory with Jeff Collbeth (ua) in second and Paul McKinney (Hub) in third.

A Race Recap
Talk about intense! Doug Swanson (Grand Stay) was able to ride away from the field for a concivincing win. The bad luck prize should go to Adam Bergman (Colivita) who was solidly in second place and riding hard when he rolled a tubular. I'm not sure how much of the course he had to run to get back to the pit. On top of that, in some crazy drama he got tangled up with another rider on the last lap, trashing his replacement wheel! Aric Harland (Silver Cycling) capitalized and took second place honors. Dewey Dicky (Mercy Specialized) rounded out the top, riding away from David Hackworthy (Ridley) and Paul Ellis (Bianchi GP). Hackworthy (Ridley), who just upgraded from the Bs, took fourth overall and the victory in the A2 category. Rounding out the top 3 in the A2 category were David Meyer (ua) and Matt Allen (Grumpy's). In the Master's race (A3), Dan Casper (Grandstay) fended off Peter Maxwell (Birchwood) and Ed Alpssa (Bianchi GP).

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