The Red Barn Cyclocross Classic is one of Minnesota's premier cyclocross events and a rider favorite. The course twists and turns through the tree fields of Erickson Brothers Tree Farm and includes a run-up you won't forget.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Course work

The Red Barn crew was on site at Erickson Brothers Tree farm today. As always, we're working to bring you the best cross experience possible. With the addition of about a 2 acre vineyard at Erickson Bros, a large amount of land has been opened up for this year's race. Highlights of this year's course include:

  • twisting and turning course through tree fields and vineyard!
  • more varied terrain
  • the return of the "clover leaf of confusion"
  • our signature run-up (which is in need of a nick-name)
  • increased length
Pictures to come in the coming weeks as coursework continues.