The Red Barn Cyclocross Classic is one of Minnesota's premier cyclocross events and a rider favorite. The course twists and turns through the tree fields of Erickson Brothers Tree Farm and includes a run-up you won't forget.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Weather preparations

The forecast for Saturday looks dry and sunny with a high around 45 degrees. Despite the good forecast, Red Barn is taking precautions to deal with the potential cold and wet conditions.

- Erickson Brothers Tree Farm will have their sales area open. Stop in to warm up in front of the wood stove, check out the trains and merchandise and have a hot cup of cider.

- Changing areas will be available for participants

- 10' x 10' tents will be set up around start finish area

- hoses will be available in the pit area and a non pit area for post race clean up if needed

- as always, free hot dogs to all participants! After running out last year, we've taken care to ensure that all racers will have a warm dog waiting for them after the race!

- Hammer Heed energy drink will also be available to participants

The bike giveaway will be held after the completion of the Men's CX 1/2 event at approximately 2:55. Remember that you must be present to win so stick around for a great day of racing and fun!